Ampersand earring holder

So literally since the day I first purchased the Glowforge, one of the projects on my list was to make a wall hanging to hold all of my super dangly earrings. In the past I had a simple holder of window screen in a picture frame, but pssh… I could make it so much cooler with a laser!

The idea I had in my head forever was a giant ampersand with holes in it for the earrings, but I could never really figure out how a good mechanism to hang it or even how to keep the earrings from completely camouflaging what the shape was. So after some googling I discovered an earring holder that had an art deco screen mounted on a wood tray, and thought, hey I could make a pattern with the ampersands! So I did:

Thanks to another community member for the hook idea, I modified it a little but it definitely solved my problem of not wanting to have too complicated of a hanger system.

I found different colors of acrylic at a hardware store, so I used translucent white for the front and for the spacer ‘washers’, and frosted light blue for the back plate.

I help you, Daddy! :heart_eyes:

Fully loaded, and I love it :grinning:

Hooray to the end of clutter! (And dust, haha).


5 thoughts on “Ampersand earring holder

  1. Hello,
    I found your adress blog on the glowforge community and im very interested to buy a glowforge. I saw you are living in France and i have a question for the internationals taxes and how much i have to pay more for the shipping.
    Thank you for the answer.

    • Hi Camille,
      Not gonna lie, it was quite a shock to find out not only the price of shipping ($478) but also to find out that the VAT would be €470 on top of that. The only way I was able to afford it was because I was one of the original supporters who got one of the first machines for much cheaper. If you’re looking for the capabilities of the Pro, the good news is the shipping should be the same (the things that make it different don’t make it heavier), bad news is I think the VAT will be much higher just because the price is so much more. It’s a really cool machine though, if you have the funds for it! My referral code will get you $100 of basic, $250 off plus, and $500 off the pro.

      • Hi !
        Thanks for your answer and i’m just saw it because my mailbox put your mail in the trash :(
        I read the comments on different taxes and it’s really a significant cost.
        It’s been several years since you had the machine and I wanted to know if you needed to repair it often or not. Because it comes from the USA I would not pay a fortune for a service.
        I would be happy to have your feedback on your usage and the condition of your machine after these years of use.
        By the way, do you speak French?

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