japanese stab binding tutorial: dancing snowflakes

This bind has 84 holes, which makes it more complicated than it might be otherwise. Also, holes 24, 44, 64, and 84 need to be much larger than the others because there are 15 threads entering and exiting. The tutorial was a bit complicated to write (though I don’t think it is as difficult to … Continue reading

japanese stab binding #35: dancing snowflakes

I have been reunited with my bookbinding tools! Also I have some free time to do more experiments now. This bind has 84 holes. 84! It’s a bit ridiculous. But other than the prep taking forever, the actual sewing is straightforward. I wrapped the spine about 10.5 times to get the length of the string. … Continue reading

theory of Japanese stab binding

…or at least how I understand it. I’ve had many questions since I began posting my own Japanese stab bind designs: about how I create them, the thought process behind the designs and sewing mechanisms, the tools I use, etc. This page will hopefully de-mystify some of the techniques and ideas for those of you … Continue reading