Quotes in Chalk #1

Lately I’ve been inspired by all of the chalk art I’ve seen on the interwebs, enough to buy some chalkboard paint and chalk and make my own boards to experiment on. I’m not up to the level of Dangerdust yet, but you know what they say about practice… In any case, there is something very alluring about the ephemeral nature of chalk art, and I’ve been having fun chalking away. Now if I could just figure out what to do about the piles of dust left behind…




portland, oregon

I spent this past weekend in Portland, Oregon, visiting a friend and celebrating my birthday. Entered a new decade, woo! We drove up to Seattle on Saturday to rock climb and hang out with another friend…and to see Eloise, a linotype machine! I missed the premier of the linotype documentary, unfortunately. I plan on seeing it when it comes out though.

A couple examples of unique lettering…

My ‘line of type’ from Eloise!