japanese stab binding: lintels, fishnets, marionette, quilts, prisms, and hourglasses

These binding experiments are done on foam core. I find it a lot easier to punch holes in foam core, as well as pull out mistakes. I have already taken one of these test patterns and applied it to a real project. It turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. I hope to post more of these soon…

6 thoughts on “japanese stab binding: lintels, fishnets, marionette, quilts, prisms, and hourglasses

  1. Hi I am a paper conservator and I try to keep skills sharp with sewing. Would you be kind and send me instructions for the designs shown in the pics above? I need them in high resolution as I have a vision impairment at the moment.

    • Hi Karen, you can find the tutorial for the marionette binding on the website already. For the others, I have not created the tutorials. But there are plenty of others on my blog if you’d like to try some of those! Click on ‘tutorials and how tos’ from the sidebar section titled ‘What I’m into’. Hope that helps!

  2. Dag Becca,
    Mijn naam is Heernaert Inge. Ik ben zot van je Japansebindingen. De sterren, marionet tiara en lotusbloesem. Maar ook zo ok graag olifant, vlinder, crocus en andere willen gebruiken. Maar ik vind de patronen niet. Kan ik die bekomen, of ergens de beschrijving vinden?
    Met vriendelijke groeten Heernaert Inge

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