book sewing frame

A year ago a friend gave me some scraps of cherry wood left over from one of his class projects. I have since used them in various art projects of my own; the latest being this book sewing frame. There are several techniques of bookbinding that require a frame. However the cheapest pre-made frame I was able to track down was over $100. This one cost less than $3 (for the hardware). I’m pleased it turned out as the directions specified, and hope to start experimenting with it soon.


3 thoughts on “book sewing frame

  1. Your sewing frame looks like a spaceship compared to mine!My device is also handmade but much much much worse(I’ve been really lazy in replacing it with a more functional version).Oh well,at least it gets the job done!It’s been a year now so I assume all those pretty stab bindings came from this,right?

    • Wellllll….actually, no. Haha. My stab bindings I sketch in a journal first (one that I made, of course ;) ) and then I practice them in foam board before sewing them for real. I’ve only used this sewing frame twice…mainly because I can’t figure out what to use for the support cording. Any ideas? I’ve actually been meaning to email you some questions about book leather and adhesives and such…but I keep getting distracted. Oops! I’ll get on that soon…

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