two new sketchbooks

I took a couple of my japanese stab binding experiments and expanded them into new sketchbooks for me to fill up with randomness. I just can’t buy sketchbooks or journals anymore now that I can make them…and I seriously need more practice with a drill press. eesh.

Yes, I realize that this last image is a little blurry. My camera has been abused beyond what it can take anymore. I need to get a new one. *sigh* Oh, the first book is some leftover mat-like cardboard…I plan on decorating it with white ink so it’s not so plain. In my free time. Ha.

3 thoughts on “two new sketchbooks

  1. Hi I loved looking at all your Japanese stab bindings they are amazing!!! I am taking a book arts class and have to do a midterm on one of the books I’ve already done. I was wondering if you have a how to on any of your bindings.

    • Not tutorials as yet, but as you’re the third person to ask in the last week, I’ll probably be coming up with something soon. Let me know if there was a binding in particular that you wanted to see.

      • I actually really love the red sketchbook!!! I was thinking… I have to do a short presentation for my class on a book arts artist and I would love to know more about you so I could do it on you. I adore your work at least what I’ve seen so far. If you would email me I would love to talk to you more about how you got into book arts.

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