7 thoughts on “japanese stab binding #7: circus tents, rakes, swags, triple x’s, and “write”

    • Thanks, Becky! All of the stab binds I post are my own creations. I am hoping to publish a book with tutorials for them at some point. Until then, let me know which one you’re interested in and I will post a tutorial as soon as I have time. Next one up is ‘plugs’!

      • hey~~ these are inspiring, i’m wondering how did you bind the “write” that you have shown here? i’m considering to bind a book with the word of “memory”… thank you so much!!

      • Thanks, Annie! When you ask how I bound the pattern, what do you mean? What the instructions are? ‘Memory’ shouldn’t be to difficult a bind to put together. It depends on if you want a cursive style, or all caps.

  1. Just wanted to say that I too dig the glimpses I’m getting of what you’re doing. You’re helping me to think about how to finish a project I’ve been working on. Thanks!

    • You DO need a special tool, called an awl. It is much sharper than a knitting needle, plus it has a wooden handle that lets you put much more pressure on it than you ever could with just a knitting needle. Paper is tough to drill through! You can find a medium-sized awl in a lot of places, and they are usually pretty cheap.

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