fortune cookie fortunes

For my current project, I am designing a book in which the content consists of chinese fortune cookie fortunes that I have saved over the years. Some I kept because I liked them, others amused me because of how silly they were. My thought is to have as many pages as possible, created in as many different materials as I can imagine. These first examples have page numbers so I can keep them organized, but they aren’t necessarily in the final order. Though they were created (mostly) in Illustrator, the final page might be rendered some other way. I think the combination of materials could be very interesting and tactile…letterpress, screenprinting, vinyl cutting, painting, etching, folding, and even decoupage are just a few of the mediums I have considered. I have been asked to figure out how I am connected to this work…the creation of it, the problem solving, the actual hands-on aspect of it is what I think will make it ‘connected’ to me.

Here are my first examples:

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