a combination: 2 section sewing + japanese stab binding part 1

So I had a wild idea the other day to try to combine two forms of binding. One reason is because I love the patterns I’ve been able to conceive for Japanese stab binding, but not how difficult it is to actually use the book. This first attempt ended up being more of a 2 section binding with decoration in the stab binding style rather than a true combination. My next attempt will be (I hope) more integrated.

4 thoughts on “a combination: 2 section sewing + japanese stab binding part 1

  1. WOW! i love this, i’m trying to figure out how you did it, i want a thicker book then i’ve found to appear possible with just the Japanese stab style, but i love the look of the japanese stab, especially some of the ones you’ve shown on here

    • Well, for this one, the actual book is held together with a 2 section sewing. The stab binding pattern became more like embroidery on the cover. It doesn’t pierce the signatures at all. I’m still ruminating on how to better combine the two styles.

  2. Cool, I’m trying to figure out how to do a thicker book (i’m thinking 200 pages if i can manage it) but i didn’t think i could make that work with the japanese stab binding, and still have it lay flat and be comfortably workable for writings and drawings. I want to make my own grimoire of sorts…

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