Shapeshifter animation

Wow. This animation cycle is cool! Reposted from this article.

We live in an era where it’s possible to create nearly anything imaginable. Our limitations tend to be more earthly (time, money, patience) rather than access to the resources to create great art. The tools and knowledge of art and design are no longer limited to those in the elite design schools of Europe. For example, by watching a tutorial and cracking a copy of Maya, someone in Istanbul has just as much opportunity to create his wildest imagination.

The question then becomes: how good is your fantasy?

Below is ShapeShifter, a new CGI short film from Charlex animation studio in NYC. An amazing piece of design and fantasy. With Gabriel Byrne’s narration of the poem Dreams—by Fitzgerald Scott—added to Peter Lauridsen’s score, it becomes a sublime moment of beauty.


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