Resonance…the projection.

I’ve been testing and retesting and re-retesting, trying to make sure that my ideas for the METHOD of presenting my thesis show actually work–but not really doing much for the actual design of it–mainly because I’ve had to accept limitations of technology and that it will be necessary to work around them. I got stuck. I’ve been kicking at the ‘block’ for a while now, but I think it might be beginning to budge. I started compiling the slides for the projection, experimenting with the appearance and disappearance of elements on each ‘panel’.

To view this properly you need to have Adobe Reader installed; if you do, then when you open the file, click ‘yes’ to the window that pops up, and let the slides run. Be aware that they are set to loop.

Resonance Projection Test

Resonance Projection Test take 2
(with shadows and crease added to show where the pages will be divided…to be removed before the final)

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