thesis show reception 4.15.2011

It’s done! It’s finally over! The show is actually going to be up for another week, but the reception is finished and all I have to do now is take it down. Which is a somewhat daunting thought but I’ll worry about it in a week. I apologize for the picture quality; I really needed a better camera and a tripod for such low light shots.

This is the face of great relief…

It’s not really red/pink, I promise! I actually got pictures of it looking blue and green too…

People finally get to see what the heck I’ve been talking about for the past six months!

2 thoughts on “thesis show reception 4.15.2011

    • I did but it’s not really that great…and it’s only of my stuff. Did you want a video of yours? I could try to take one before Friday.

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