too many stab binds!

…to all fit in the nifty box where I keep them. I decided to make one instead of trying to buy a new box. It’s pretty simple, held together with magnets so it can break down and lay flat. I’ve got everything cut out and the magnets are glued into the boards. But I’m out of PVA glue, so I have to use wheat paste… for the first time ever! Dimitri, come help me! I’ll post pictures whenever I get up the nerve to finish. (By the way, I still have more binds that didn’t get sewn onto these test boards!)

9 thoughts on “too many stab binds!

  1. Love your box of treasure.
    Here’s a recipe for paste glue that I’ve made and used. I do wonder about the acid content from the alum so any feedback would be interesting.
    Make a paste of 100g flour, 12.5g alum and a little cold water. Stir in 500ml water, bring to boil, stirring, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring often. Add some salt if you want it to keep for a while.

  2. Aww… beautiful and nerdy bookbinding stuff. I love this. I made two when I was just starting out and still love getting them all out and putting them all back in again!

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