5 thoughts on “japanese stab binding #33: hot air balloons

  1. I (79 yrs young) teach Japanese Stab binding to a group of retirees and all of us adore your website. 2 frequent questions arise and I promised to do the asking;) What type of awl do you use for those perfect holes and what size thread is pictured in the photo? Our task is trying to figure out the design patterns without knowing the directions.The first person to decode the pattern must teach the others. It is a task that sharpens our minds and we are pretty good at it! Our mantra is, of course, “you must end up where you began with no errors!!” Thank you so much for the enrichment your website brings to our group.

    • Thanks so much, Jean! I confess, the reason my holes look so neat is because I’m not stabbing through paper. I use foam board to do my bind experiments. I’ve not tried one yet, but I’ve been investigating Dremel tools. There is a stand available that turns a Dremel into a mini drill press. I imagine that would work better than anything else. In the meantime, the awls and thread that I use have all come from hollanders.com. Another good supply site is Talas. Glad you guys are having fun! If you ever post pictures of your creations somewhere, please send me the link so I can see them! :)

  2. Do you have a tutorial for this binding?
    Fot the perfect holes I use a Japanese screw punch, with which I can make holes from 1,0 mm till 5,0 mm. I bought it from my bookbindteacher and she imports them from Japan. Try the internet, I should say.

    • Bep, I have written instructions for this bind but no diagram yet. You’re right, a Japanese hole punch makes beautiful holes. I have one, but haven’t used it much.

      • Hi Becca,

        Can you please tell me where I can find the instructions for this binding? I searched for it but couldn’t find.

        Thanks in advance

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