tutorial poll #1

I’m way behind in providing binding tutorials here, and I apologize if you asked me for one and I didn’t come through. It has been so long I can’t remember which design I was asked for last…so here is a poll with some of the most recently popular designs. Cast your vote and let me know which pattern needs a tutorial!

**update** Wow, thanks for the great response, everyone! Next tutorial up: maple leaves!


4 thoughts on “tutorial poll #1

  1. I haven’t started bookbinding yet, but have promised to bundle together pages for a photobook with pictures from my parents 40th wedding anniversary. The party was in june…. Since then (or maybe even before) – your blog has been open between my tabs, as a reminder I have to get started! I haven’t got any bookbinding materials yet (I am more into cardmaking) but it sure looks lovely!
    As for preference on tutorial: I don’t really have a preference, as I’m going to look up an easy one to start with, hopefully you also mention what kind of materials I need, and then I hope Ill be able to translate the names of tools and materials to Dutch. Anyway, I’ll pin your blog now, and when I start bookbinding, I’ll be back!

    • I realized last week that I should post pictures of some of my most-used tools under the resources page, but I haven’t yet. If you’re just starting to bind books, then all you really need is some sharp object to poke holes (traditionally an awl, but a drill with a very small bit would work for Japanese binds) and some kind of string/thread/ribbon (traditionally waxed linen thread) to tie it all together. Oh, and sturdy, long needles that have a large but not wide eye. Then go crazy! :)

      • Hmm small drill – check. (After having checked what an awl is) I’ve got a piercer for woodworking, that might work too. But the minidrill is easier I suppose? I’ve got string/thread/ribbon, but no waxed linen thread. And I think I’ve got some long needles as well somewhere. (But where??). So I should be set. I am uploading the photo’s to be printed now, so when they return I really have no excuse anymore… Thanks for the explanation, and a good idea to post pictures instead of just the words, I hadn’t thought of that, but images say more then words. I should do that on my blog as well. Good idea :)

      • Hola amiga soy de Venezuela me gustaría aprender esas puntadas tan hermosas que realizas, porque en mi País no hay quien sepa esas puntadas hermosisimas que tu haces. Ojala me puedas ayudar porque me gusta mucho los puntos que tu haces.
        Mil gracias de antemano

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