japanese stab binding #43: diamond gems

“Diamond gems”, with five repeats instead of four because I’m a rebel. 46 holes. Could be fun with sparkly thread on a dark background! Intermediate, I’d say.


5 thoughts on “japanese stab binding #43: diamond gems

    • Hi Rachel,
      I won’t have time to create a tutorial graphic for this one, but I do have the written instructions. If you’d like to try from just though, send me an email and I’ll forward them to you.

  1. Hi Becca, just started trying to design my own patterns but failing. I’d really like to have a go at your Diamond Gems pattern, could you possibly send me the instructions?
    When you’re trying to do a new pattern, where do you start?

    • Hi Gilly,
      Sorry I’d thought I’d responded to this already! When I’m starting a new design, I sketch it out with where I think the holes should be and where they will work best with the design. It’s a pretty rough sketch, usually! If you’re having trouble with your own patterns, take a look at my Theory of Japanese Stab Binding page. I try to describe the process a little more there.
      As far as the diamond gems pattern goes, I do have the written instructions for it, but not the detailed graphic. If you’d like to attempt it with just the rough sketch and the written instructions, send me an email and I’ll get them to you.

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