type@cooper…day 9

Today I drew uncial scripts for over four hours. Several styles, trying to get a feel for the letters and how they were created. From there I developed a lowercase alphabet. My goal was to create a font that could be used for children’s storybooks, or fairy tale books.

I’m pretty excited with how it’s going so far. Right now it makes me think of Sleeping Beauty, and I’ve had songs from the movie running through my head all afternoon. I named it Paramithi, which is Greek for fairy tale. (Fairy Tale in English was already taken by another rather lame font.)

type@cooper…day 7

Guest lecturer Ken Barber talked to us about lettering today…and this was our project for the rest of class. Graphite and pen smudges abounded!

There was a competition for a prize for the popular voted design…I got second place by one vote! Sad! Oh well…better luck next time… and congrats to Wendy!

type@cooper…day 5

Continuing to draw lowercase letters with an edge (calligraphy) pen. Not sure when I’ll “arrive”…and can start digitizing.

Apparently I have really oily fingers…and left fingerprints on the paper that repelled the ink when I drew the letters!

Still digitizing and refining… S is pitiful (which is why it is absent) and V isn’t much better. Also the letterspacing needs help….

type@cooper…day 4

I cleaned up and finished the drawings that I began yesterday…and then Sumner suggested that I redraw them thicker and larger. I’m now in the process of cleaning them up and digitizing them.

This is the first iteration:

And this is the larger, thicker version:


type@cooper…day 3

First today we worked on making/faking different weights of the letters we drew yesterday. They aren’t proper weight changes, which is why you can see the counters of the bolder fonts have issues. But the goal from there was to take the mid weight and start modifying it in a direction of my choosing. The letters in the bottom image are my attempt to do that. Sumner hasn’t seen them yet so I’m not sure what he will say…but I kinda like the way they are going, so far.

Type@Cooper…day 2

Digitizing what I sketched yesterday. First thing this morning I modified some of the forms, which is why the digital version doesn’t look quite the same. Not sure what we’re doing next…but I think eventually there will be serifs and lowercase letters?

Aaaaand I just realized that I made a T and I wasn’t supposed to…ha. Oh well, more words!

Click to make it bigger!