quotes…just because.

An inexperienced observer sees everything in a picture; the experienced one sees even the things that are missing.
–Rastko Ciric, poster designer and instructor, University of Arts, Belgrade

Art is man’s expression of his joy in labor.
–William Morris

Each edition has the character of a kernel of condensation upon which many things may accumulate.
–Joseph Beuys

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.
–Oliver Wendell Homes, Sr

One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.
–Andre Gide

As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.
–Albert Schweitzer

But as the traveller who has been once from home is wiser than he who has never left his own door step, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinise more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our own.
–Margaret Mead: coming of age in Samoa, 1928

Always think your design out in your head before you begin to get it on the paper. Don’t begin by slobbering and messing about in the hope that something may come out of it. You must see it before you can draw it, whether the design be of your own invention or nature’s.
–William Morris

For the most part, we do not first see, and then define; we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture.”
–Walter Lippman, Public Opinion, Part III. Stereotypes, 1922

Typography operates in close contact with human emotions and psychology. It might even be called a kind of research in which we gather the subtleties of communication that we would experience by delving into the absolute truth of what we really want to say, or, in some circumstances, stepping into a world full of unsophisticated images.
–Kenya Hara, Designing Design, pg 404

Not every type treatment needs to be standardized. Hand offers a more human dimension and individual personality.
–Stephen Heller

Human beings are naturally awed by things that are intricate and complex…This is because within the intricately patterned object is concentrated the mastery of difficult skills and the accumulation of artifice spanning a vast period of time.
–Kenya Hara, Designing Design, pg 414

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