Houston, we have an ‘oops’

I’m no longer in NYC (HURRAH for air conditioning!!!!) which is sad for my postings of type…but hopefully I will still be able to post interesting specimens from time to time. One of the great places to find unique type is in old graveyards/cemeteries. Headstones that were hand carved can offer some fun variations. However, every now and then and ‘oops’ can be found. At which you first laugh and then wonder how it didn’t get replaced.

My brother and I went to the Eastern Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky to poke around and take pictures and rubbings of the headstones. It’s a sad and rundown place. You can read an article about it here. But I did find a few inscriptions worthy of documentation! (If you don’t see the error…the ‘s’ in ‘Husband’ is backward…)


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