Antique pop-up anatomy and natural history books

One of the fun things I get to do as a part of the program I am studying is seeing the incredibly fascinating and varied collections of Michael Twyman. These books were just too amazing not to share!

Pop-up illustrations from different volumes of the Encyclopedia of Nature, circa 1907.

Butterflypopup butterfly

Frogpopup frog-1

popup frog-2

Snailpopup snail

Potatoespopup potatoes-1

popup potatoes-2

Anatomy and myology pop-up books, both human and animal, circa 1875-1900.
popup horse

popup anatomy1

popup anatomy2

popup anatomy3

popup anatomy4

So this isn’t really a pop-up, but still, very cool. A tiny little booklet titled “Music of the Sea”, with a poem by Wordsworth inside. Each recto had a different sailboat painting. Given as a gift in 1888.