a fontified version of The Princess Bride

I’ve been playing with lasers again! These designs were created as prizes for my office. We’re a bunch of nerdy geeks who create fonts for publishing minority languages. Last year we started taking bits from the ‘team movie’ of The Princess Bride and twisting them to our own silliness. There were actually a few more converted quotes, but these were the ones I chose to design. I etched them on wood as well as several different types of acrylic, but I feel that these turned out the best. Pardon the bits of dust clinging to them! I rubbed silver paint into the etching, exactly like I did for the Obscure Word book.

F.O.U.S.s…Fonts Of Unusual Size!FOUS(R.O.U.S.s…Rodents Of Unusual Size)

The Glyphs of Insanityglyphs of insanity(The Cliffs of Insanity)

Twoo Typetwoo typeTwoo Wuv


2 thoughts on “a fontified version of The Princess Bride

  1. Oh my, this is my family’s movie! On an airport shuttle with my sister, the young pilots riding in back of us asked us what we were doing in New Hampshire. We told them we were there for our cousin’s wedding. Somehow the conversation got around to the fact that he was marrying a Brazilian. One of the pilots told us to “Never go up against a Brazilian when death is on the line!” We sure were surprised he was quoting our favorite movie!

    Your work is wonderful! Clever, well crafted, and so much fun!
    Judi in Ann Arbor

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