Japanese stab bind #51: taco shells

This bind design sketch started out quite differently, but I couldn’t get the logistics to work right so it morphed into this one. It continues my exploration of circles in this medium. So not what I was hoping for, but not bad either. Those three holes at the bottom right of each semi-circle have to be extremely large to accommodate all the threads coming in and out of it! This bind has 36 holes, probably intermediate level. Distance from spine is 1 3/8″ or 3.4cm.

JSB- taco shells

JSB- taco shells detail

6 thoughts on “Japanese stab bind #51: taco shells

  1. Oh! Becca, please, can we have the tutorial for this pattern or for the Japanese stab binding #45 & 46 : memories and souvenirs ?
    I visit your site since a while, i learn jap stab binding thanks to you.
    Love your work ! Looking forward to this, from France :)

    • Thanks Cynthea! The memories and souvenir patterns will be released for sure, but I’m not certain when. It might be a while longer for taco shells. :)

  2. Hi! Could you please create a tutorial for the taco shells? I’m so inspired by your bookbindings but I’m not ready to create my own from scratch yet

    • Hey Sarah,
      I might one day, but at the moment I’m a little too overwhelmed by life. Look through the blog though, there are quite a few other tutorials to try that might help you in understanding the style so you can create your own.

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