Japanese stab bind #50: elephants

This elephant pattern was somewhat of a challenge to draw, but even worse for creating the holes. Unless you are very, very careful, this pattern probably can’t get much smaller than what it is here, 1.25″/3.1cm from the spine edge. Those holes around the tusks are *very* close together. It also requires 96 holes, just for three elephants! I’d definitely call it an advanced pattern, if only for the setup. Pretty adorable, right?

JSB- elephant

JSB- elephant2

11 thoughts on “Japanese stab bind #50: elephants

  1. hi! this is so beautiful! I have been trying different patterns through your tutorials and would love to try this one out! please share the tutorial asap!

  2. Me encanta, le sigo y he hecho muchos de los cosidos de sus tutoriales.
    Estoy esperando el libro de las encuadernaciones.
    Me encantaría hacer el de los elefantes.
    Gracias por compartir

  3. o. my. god.
    such a lovely pattern.
    Quite some work: print, resize, figure out the sequence (i started with the outside of the trunk + horn, then the inside of the trunk to the back, ear/eye, continue back over legs to the mouth and return over the back to the trunk and then to the next one), punch 96 holes, calculate the length (15cm width, booklet is 5mm thick (waaay too much) and took about 4 meters; only had 15cm left in the end… phew).
    The legs are tough, especially the 4th time you pass with the needle.
    Took me many many hours, but i like the result!

    Tips: make sure the legs are at the same height and that the upper trunk and back are at the same height. Really.

    And i think it could be cute to make a tail to the trunk of the next one… i like that the last one has a tail!

    Thanks for this great idea!

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