Japanese stab bind #50: elephants

This elephant pattern was somewhat of a challenge to draw, but even worse for creating the holes. Unless you are very, very careful, this pattern probably can’t get much smaller than what it is here, 1.25″/3.1cm from the spine edge. Those holes around the tusks are *very* close together. It also requires 96 holes, just for three elephants! I’d definitely call it an advanced pattern, if only for the setup. Pretty adorable, right?

JSB- elephant

JSB- elephant2

japanese stab binding #44: fair isle

I named this one ‘fair isle’ because I’m very into knitting these days, and have tried a few stranded color-work projects. I think the Fair Isle knitting technique is more than I want to attempt just yet. But this was super easy! Anyway, 56 holes and mid-advanced beginner.