Antique pop-up anatomy and natural history books

One of the fun things I get to do as a part of the program I am studying is seeing the incredibly fascinating and varied collections of Michael Twyman. These books were just too amazing not to share!

Pop-up illustrations from different volumes of the Encyclopedia of Nature, circa 1907.

Butterflypopup butterfly

Frogpopup frog-1

popup frog-2

Snailpopup snail

Potatoespopup potatoes-1

popup potatoes-2

Anatomy and myology pop-up books, both human and animal, circa 1875-1900.
popup horse

popup anatomy1

popup anatomy2

popup anatomy3

popup anatomy4

So this isn’t really a pop-up, but still, very cool. A tiny little booklet titled “Music of the Sea”, with a poem by Wordsworth inside. Each recto had a different sailboat painting. Given as a gift in 1888.


I ♥ Handmade Books

Look what I received today! My copy of I Love Handmade Books.

I was asked by the author to participate by sending in pictures of some of handbound books and information about them (and myself), as well as a couple of tutorials.


Alas, my Japanese stab binding tutorial didn’t make it in (cut because it was too long) but the French Link Stitch tutorial was included.


Pretty fun, to be in a published book! Also neat to see work by blog-friends Ruth and Lestaret. Check it out on It appears it was also released as this version, but I don’t know how many copies are available.

Le Petit Theatre de Rébecca

I was recently given this amazing French book by Rébecca Dautremer, and I just had to post some pictures of it. It has nearly 100 laser cut pages, and I cannot believe how intricate and how tiny some of the laser details are. The effect is much like the current experiments in ‘book excavation’ or the work of Brian Dettmer. I have to say, it’s inspiring me to think about what kind of effects I could achieve on the laser cutter that I have access to. I’ll have to check out what it does to paper!

le petit theatre de rebecca-1

le petit theatre de rebecca-2

le petit theatre de rebecca-3

le petit theatre de rebecca-4

le petit theatre de rebecca-5