japanese stab binding #34: cobwebs

This is from a super-old sketch that I never actually sewed. But I got a new toy (picture below) and I wanted to try it out on a simple test before using it on a real project. The design has only 9 holes, and they’re in a straight line! That almost never happens anymore, haha.

This bind is a blend of Marionette and Woven.

Exciting experiments and shenanigans are coming…
dremel press

10 thoughts on “japanese stab binding #34: cobwebs

  1. Very nice….this binding! I’m a bit jealous of your new toy (but I’m happy for you). I’m dreaming to have one of my own…….it is so much easier to make holes with such a machine. Thanks again for sharing! Bye, Ineke Hooghuis

    • Thanks! Gotta love orange and grey! :) Hey do you have any tips about drilling through paper? I was dealing with a lot of smoke and burnt paper. Was that because the speed was too fast, or something? My holes were a little bigger than they should have been, but I think that was because the drill wasn’t perfectly 90º. Boo. Must practice more…

      • Smoke and burnt paper= you’re hanging too much in there! Increase rps and be decisive when pulling the lever!
        Also, are you drilling through a great many sheets at the same time? Cause if you’re going through say…1.5 in of stacked papers you are practically drilling wood and you need a different kind/shape of head!

      • Hmm, it’s not the thickness, I was only drilling through .25″. I had read in the instructions to ‘let the speed do the cutting’, and avoid too much pressure, but maybe that’s for harder materials and not paper. But too fast, and the bottom few pages rip! I’m using a normal drill bit. Is the a better one for making small holes in paper?

  2. Try placing the papers on a slab of MDF or some other flat piece of wood; the bottom pages rip cause the spot that gets drilled is above the center hole of the base so when the drill reaches them it also pushes them outwards. If they have nowhere to go they won’t rip, keep the speed up and try it out! As for the drill bit since you are drilling through .25″ or so you’re good!

  3. Hey! I love your binding tutorials! You are doing an amazing job! And I would love a tutorial for this one cause in my opinion it’s one of the prettiest patterns.. it has a some kind of magic to it and I’d love to try it out! So if you have a step by step tutorial and would post it or send it to me, it would be amazing!! Thank you in advance! And one more time, you are doing great work!

  4. Becca, your designs are beautiful. I am new to this, but found your site, and can’t get enough. Your instructions are very easy to follow, and the best thing, was your intro, that enter mean needle up, exit means needle down. It all clicked. Would also love instructions for this one, but I will also try to figure it out.

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