A new font exercise

As part of my training at my new job with SIL International, I’ve been practicing drawing and digitizing Roman fonts. One day I will move on to non-Roman scripts, which I’m very excited about. But for now it’s been fun to mess about with this design.

My parameters were to design a Roman lowercase, with medium ascenders and descenders. The goal was to make it compact but not compressed, readable in longer articles and text. It should have pointed-nib contrast, but some transitional elements with straight stems and slab/angled serifs. Medium weight. The digital version hasn’t been critiqued yet, so changes are coming!

My working font name is ‘fluffybunny’ (don’t ask…). If anyone has a more clever idea, please leave a comment!

Initial sketches:

First shot at digitization (the ‘j’, ‘f’, and ‘s’ for sure need work):

2 thoughts on “A new font exercise

  1. So I’ve been snooping on your blog for stab-stitch designs (thanks for your reply about the hardcover approach, by the way), and I saw SIL International and had to ask: do you work for the Summer Institute of Linguistics or is there another SIL International? Just curious. That’s the only SIL International I’ve ever heard of, and I didn’t know they had openings for typographers. But if they do, that’s awesome.

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