Japanese stab binding #24: crocus

This is a fairly advanced binding. The edge-wrapping is much more complicated than my other binds, and the directionality of several holes change (exiting vs. entering) but I liked the way it turned out. There are 53 holes! The instructions are written, if anyone wants to try it. Though the diagram might take me a bit longer to create…

5 thoughts on “Japanese stab binding #24: crocus

  1. Hi Becca, i love your tutorials, i have been trying some and have a question. For a book project we are trying to create stab binding with letters, like the example you have that says ¨write¨, something like that, is it to difficult with letters?

    • Thanks, Maggy! It depends on the letters you want to use. Some are easier than others in the world of stab binding. Let me know what letter(s) you want to use in your bind, and I’ll help you figure it out. Shoot me an email at bhirsbrunner (at) gmail (dot) com.

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